Blackberry Necklace





Choose any three Colour combinations:


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Cost 27.50 each

Necklaces and Bracelets

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Blackberry Necklace and Bracelet

These necklaces and bracelets are very versatile! The 4 photographs are of the same necklace rearranged to suit the shape you'd like to wear. Instructions on how to do this will be included with your order.The necklace stretches approximately between 40-55cm.(16 - 22 inches) and the bracelet between 16-21cm. (6 - 8 and a half inches).

Each necklace and bracelet is individually made by Fran, so the colours and beads will never be the same and your piece will be unique! Three different coloured wires are used. The necklace clasp is magnetic, UNLESS you request a toggle and bar clasp. (Magnetic clasps are not suitable for people with pacemakers.) Bracelets will have a bar and toggle clasp.

You can choose your colours and the necklace will be made individually to suit you.
1st choose either silver, gold, antique silver or antique gold .
Then choose 2 more colours listed below.
Please be aware that I need your choice to be as straightforward as possible!

Choose any 3 combinations of the following:

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Blackberry Bracelet





Choose any three Colour combinations:


Clasp Type:


Cost 17.50 each